Let's celebrate

So pumped you're here. I am SO ready to help you remember these days long after you move on from them. These moments go by fast (parents… I’m sure you’ll agree if you’re reading this) so let’s plan an epic adventure catered to you and what you love! You deserve it!

you're graduating!

Natural Editing, Authentic Shooting

If you hate the cringy senior portraits of the past as much as I do… you are in the right place.

Stiff and awkward is just not my jam (it’s not yours either). How about a gallery full of photos you actually love instead? How about going to the place you love? Doing the things you love? How about celebrating your life thus far in style? How do you want to spend the evening? Dream it up and I’ll photograph it for you.

How it works


If you're loving my vibe, you reach out and give me all the deets. I send over my senior session guide that gives you all the info.


We plan an epic senior session. Said epic senior session date arrives and you absolutely kill it.


You get your gallery back and everyone raves about your pics. Let the #seniorsundays commence. 

the short version

that was the short version

okay but really

My senior photo experience is a little different than what you might be used to (especially if you're a parent and have older kids who got senior photos with another photographer). Here are the basics.

I only shoot outside on location. Pittsburgh provides hundreds of better backdrops than a studio backdrop ever could. I shoot a TON during senior sessions. I don’t limit how many outfits you can wear. I give you a maximum of an hour and a half of shooting (we might not need the whole time to get you an amazing gallery).

Then I edit and send you a gallery with the web sized downloads of ALL the good ones. Yes, all! I don’t put a limit on this and most seniors end up with around 100 images. I also give you access to a professional print shop that’s linked right to your gallery. That means you can order prints and other products all in one place. No downloading and then re-uploading again to other print shops that don’t even get the color and quality right. When you inquire, I send you a  senior guide that will list out print shop pricing. I truly want you to enjoy these photos for years and I believe the best way to do that is getting them off tech and into the real world! 

Nervous about being in front of the camera

Trust me! You aren’t the first and you won’t be the last. I am not just the photographer for the girls who seem to thrive in front of the lens. I’ll pose + direct you! (it’s literally my job… I got you) I’ll play your fav music. We’ll just hang out at a cool Pittsburgh spot! Girls tell me all the time “that was so much easier than I thought it was going to be.”

Worried it’s not worth the price

I get it. It’s not cheap. But here’s why! I give you the experience that you pay for. I’ve photographed over 120 seniors. I get fully booked each summer. I truly want to give you senior photos that you love. AND that your parents love and hang all over the walls! I care about who you are, what you like, and I want to give you senior photos that reflect those things. I tailor the experience to every single senior I book. It’s not a one size fits all situation. Text me during the planning process, call me when you can’t figure out what to print, FT me with your week of outfit crises. Bottom line... could you get senior photos cheaper? 100% yes. But if you want this to be a highlight of your high school experience… I believe it’s more than worth it. And past seniors do too!! Peep those reviews.

Worried your gallery won’t be versatile enough?

Some senior photographers offer packages with 4-5 locations. Mine includes one. If this makes you nervous, don’t be! I am a self proclaimed pro at making one location look like 50 different ones. I’ve been all over the city (and suburbs) shooting senior sessions, so I will be up front and honest if you are leaning toward a location that isn’t versatile, just so you’re aware. But at the end of the day, it’s always up to you where we pick! I have my top 5 locations suggestions for getting versatile senior galleries, but I said it once and I’ll say it again, you dream it up and I’ll photograph it!



What’s included?

Up to 1.5 hours of shooting at one location

Unlimited outfit changes (3 is a sweet spot)

Allllllll the planning help in the form of my senior guide-- including outfit guidance, a roadmap to picking your location, and all my fav tips. + you get my phone number. Text me anytime.

Location scouting

Online gallery with unlimited downloads

reach out

Access to a professional print shop

- miah

“If you dread getting your pictures taken because you are picky, shy, awkward, or hate yourself behind the camera: KYLEIGH IS YOUR GIRL!! I never felt more natural, relaxed and actually myself in pictures! She truly captures all the beautiful moments. Her editing is incredibly flawless. Every shoot is personalized to her client(s). She guides you through the whole process, too. Highly recommend for all the senior girls of pgh!”



"Couldn’t have asked for a better senior shoot!! Kyleigh made my session so much fun- every smile was genuine!"


"I had such a specific idea in mind for my senior pictures and Kyleigh absolutely nailed it!! Not only did she do them in the exact style I wanted, but she made it so comfortable and fun!! She played some great music and hyped me up the whole time!! 10/10 recommend."

This could be you....


"I had my senior pictures done with Kyleigh and they turned out amazing! I was nervous at first but she made me feel so comfortable. They ended up being some of my favorite pictures of myself and the experience was so fun! Definitely recommend."

- erin

"If I had to describe Kyleigh’s final gallery for my senior photos in two words, it would be perfect and glowing!!”

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